Lenovo LivePods LP1 Review – Are they worth it? Yes!

Ear buds are everywhere. You can’t walk outside in public these days without seeing them. That’s because they’re small, fashionable and very convenient. Most of them are also smart touch enabled, meaning you can tap a certain number of times to pause/play/forward/raise volume/etc. We finally got our hands on the new Lenovo LivePods LP1 and can’t wait for you to read our review!

Before we can review, let’s go over the features of the Lenovo LivePods LP1:

  • Lightweight and comfortable, fully fits the auricle
  • Equipped with dual headphone diaphragm and 10mm loudspeaker unit improving the effect
  • Long battery life
  • BT 5.0 technology, low latency and low power consumption
  • Dual hosts, no distinction between primary and secondary
  • Smart touch control
  • Compact and light weight
  • IPX4 Waterproof

Okay, let’s break it down. We’ve rated what we think is most important to you, the consumers, who are looking to buy ear buds. Something to note, these are not meant to be “premium” ear buds. Rather, they’re an economical solution for every day use.

Audio Quality – Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Noise reduction is really good – again, not the best. That’s why we’re giving these ear buds 3/5 stars for their audio quality. If you’re used to high-quality audio sound, the Lenovo LivePods LP1 may not be for you. The bass and treble were fine, and we enjoyed the audio quality while listening to our favorite tunes.

Audio Quality

Comfort and Style – They have a very Apple AirPods Pro look to them, so they’re totally stylish. In fact, we’re pretty sure that people will confuse the Lenovo LivePods LP1 for Apple AirPods Pro. Both are white, come in a small white charging case, have that tiny silver tip at the bottom, and more. Are we sure the Apple AirPods Pro designers aren’t working at Lenovo? 😏

As for comfort, Lenovo LivePods LP1 have a nice, snug fit, and don’t budge. We went around the office jumping and acting like we were in a mosh pit to see if they would fall off – they didn’t.

The Lenovo LivePods LP1 don’t have an earth-shattering new design, are comfortable to wear, so we’re giving them a 3/5 for comfort and style.

Comfort and Style

Battery – Pretty standard; you’ll get around 12 hours of battery life. Pop them back into the charging case to automatically start recharging the ear buds. The Lenovo LivePods LP1 conveniently also comes with a USB-C cable that plugs into the charging case. We want to see more out of ear buds battery life, also the charging case cannot be charged wirelessly, so we’re going to give the battery a 3.5/5 stars.


Price – Here’s where they take a huge lead. We bought the Lenovo LivePods LP1 from Walmart for just $16.99. Where else will you find brand name ear buds for just $16.99?! Now that’s what we call a deal! Rating under 5 stars for the price of Lenovo’s LivePods LP1 would just be rude.


Microphone – Okay, not going to lie, we did think the microphone quality was going to be horrible for these $16.99 ear buds. However, we’re impressed with the quality of the microphone! You’ll get the same mic quality in Lenonvo LivePods LP1 that you will with other high-quality, premium-priced ear buds. You’re also not going to get that horrible far distance audio sound like you will sometimes in a car when connected to bluetooth. The microphone is great, but it could use a little fine tuning. That’s why we’re giving the mic 4/5 stars.


Bluetooth Connectivity – Super easy. The Lenovo LivePods LP1 are bluetooth enabled “out the box” and ready to connect as soon as you take them out of the charging case. When we took them out, they immediately were connected to our phones and other bluetooth-enabled devices. Very easy, so they deserve a 5/5 for bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Below, you’ll find some pictures of what the Lenovo LivePods LP1 look like out the box.

Lenovo LivePods LP1 1 Lenovo LivePods LP1 2. Lenovo LivePods LP1 3. Lenovo LivePods LP1 4. Lenovo LivePods LP1 5
Lenovo LivePods LP1 6 Lenovo LivePods LP1 7

Notice something with the instruction manual? So did we…kinda…seeing as though we can only read english! Our assumption: since these ear buds are brand new to the US market, Lenovo hasn’t rolled out an english instruction manual, yet. Even without an english manual, we were able to understand the simple functionality and connect Lenovo LivePods LP1 to our electronics.

Overall, we’re very impressed with the Lenovo LivePods LP1. This is their first version of an ear bud, and we think they did an amazing job at understanding what’s most important to their audience, while maintaining economical prices. The Lenovo LivePods LP1 are DealMe.club approved. 👍

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