Top Holiday Gifts of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year. We’ve had to adjust to covid life, modify schedules, start working from home, protest alongside BLM, clean everything in sight, pass on important holidays and events, and more. The one thing we didn’t stop doing? Shopping. Today, we live in a day and age where online shopping is the norm. Post-covid life, we’re digital shopping more than ever. Who wants to risk going in public during a pandemic, anyway? With free delivery, like Amazon’s 2-day free delivery for prime members, it’s a no brainer to shop online. has put together some of the top holiday gifts of 2020. Out of all the deals we captured this year, these were the ones that we noticed were most trending. We can’t fit all deals and gifts in one place, so we’ll be relying on you for inspiration and ideas in the comments section below. Ready? Let’s get started…

1. Kitchen Appliances
Okay, these are blowing up everywhere. Instant pot, slow cookers, blenders, air fryers, etc. is obsessed with kitchen products that provide efficiency, especially if they promote healthier options. If you’re close to a Macys, they’re loaded with small kitchen appliances at great prices during the holiday season. If you’re close to a JCPenney, check their coupons page before making an appliance purchase to see if it can be used at the time of transaction. Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker

2. A Laptop 💻
One of those necessary household items that everybody needs. We’ve been raving about the Apple’s new MacBook Pro with their M1 chip. It boasts efficiency and power. This laptop is approved. 👍

macbook pro

3. Headphones/Earbuds
Everybody walks around showing off their AirPods, but there are more headphones and earbuds out there! Also, some people are fans of just earbuds or headphones, and vice versa. If you’re gift shopping for someone, find out what’s most important for them. Do they like to wear earbuds at the gym? Are they a runner? Maybe they use it for their commute?

There are personal audio options out there for every person. recommends the Powerbeats Pro. They’re functional, compatible with iOS and android, comfortable, and have awesome sound quality. If you’re looking for something else or still unsure of what to buy, check out‘s blog post on headphones for ideas and inspiration. Powerbeats Pro

4. Resistance Bands
The gyms are closed. Less energy is being exerted now that many of us have stopped commuting. Things are…not looking good with your body. What do you do? Get some resistance bands! Many have been skeptical, but believe us, with the right workouts you’ll be huffing and puffing. resistance bands

5. Smart Watch
Seem’s like everywhere you go there’s a smart watch out there. You don’t need to break the bank for a nice smart watch. Think about what features are important to you and buy something within your budget. In other words, what we’re saying is that it doesn’t have to be an Apple Watch, there are plenty of other companies making smart watches that play music, have bluetooth connectivity, monitor your heart rate, track steps, and more. If you can save a few hundred with a functional watch, why not? If you’re a die hard Apple fan, just stick to the Apple Watch or the urge to go back to iOS will eventually eat you alive. Garmin, Apple, Samsung, all make great smart watches. Garmin smart watch

6. Robot Vacuum
Like we said earlier with kitchen appliances, is obsessed with functional efficiency. Why would anyone spend their time manually vacuuming an area when a robot vacuum could do all that work for you?! Robot, or smart, vacuums have come a long way. Some of them are programmable to run at certain times in the day, bluetooth enabled, and can find their own charging stations. You just need to clean them out once in a while. Although, we bet that won’t last long either – we’re predicting a future where you won’t even have to touch the vacuum to empty the canister of dust and dirt.

Some of the popular models/brands are iRobot, eufy, Yeedi, and GOOVI. iRobot

7. Streaming Devices
We’re all stuck inside. The movie theaters are closed. How else are you going to watch movies (or Netflix and chill 😘)? Illegally stream them from the infinite websites out there? NO! Don’t do that. Let’s do things right. apple tv

Amazon, Apple, Roku, TiVo (yup – even them!), Google, all have streaming devices. We’d recommend sticking with your brand ecosystem. If you don’t care about having the same brand or operating system throughout, then we’d recommend Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote.

8. Face Masks
The “hottest” product of 2020 out of sheer volume of individual sales and out of necessity. Everybody needs to wear one out in public just about everywhere, for now. If you don’t, you end up publicly shamed in a viral video on Youtube. Oh, and you could pass on a deadly virus to people along the way. Totally up to you to make that decision. Face masks are so popular you can find customizable masks just about anywhere.

face masks

🎓 Pro Tip: If you have a beard, opt in for a mask like the Breathable Neck Gaiter Face Cover Mask Bandana Balaclava Scarf. Regular face masks will make your beard crimpy. These ones cover the entire beard and won’t be annoying to wear.

9. Kids Toys
We are obsessed with Melissa and Doug. They have amazing toys for kids of all ages. Not only are their toys creative, fun, and unique, they’re also educational. The American Academy of Pediatrics also seems to really like Melissa and Doug toys.

melissa and doug

We are also loving Mario Kart Live. For adults, this game brings back nostalgic entertainment with a twist of modern augmented reality. Of course the kids will absolutely love it; driving around toy cars in the house while annoying all the adults and animals trying to rest.

10. New Phone
A bunch of new phones did hit the market in 2020, but nothing really wow’d us. Phones are always coming out and always on sale, and features haven’t taken a big leaps into the future, yet. Still, upgrading your phone to the latest model always has it’s benefits and makes you feel ahead of the tech curve.

You have the big mobile players Apple and Samsung, but now other brands like OnePlus and Google are starting to make a solid footprint in the US mobile market.

cell phones

Okay, you went through our list but didn’t really find anything super appealing. Then how about any of these other ideas: gift cards, tablets, or a percussion massager? What about the perfect wfh office setup or teacher essentials for more inspiration?

There you have it folks!‘s top 10 holiday gifts of 2020. Please comment below to let us know what you’d like for the holiday season this year.

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