Help! I’m a new mom and I don’t know what essentials I need!

You’re pregnant. It’s been months of tiredness, vomiting, added weight, stretch marks, nausea, crazy raging hormones, and more. Who said pregnancy was easy? Any minute now, you’re going to pop. Stay calm. We’re here to help you figure out what essentials you’ll need once this baby is ready to take the wheel in his/her’s first year of life (so exciting!). Once you’re a new mom (and dad), you’ll want life to be as easy as possible. The hard part is over…kind of. There will be new challenges, but the products below will help eliminate a lot of the “OMG”‘s and “Ugh, I should’ve bought that damn (insert new mom product/item)”.

Have no fear, is here! We went around the office, asked our friends and family, and made a list of top basic essential items every new mom needs. Let’s get started!

1. The stroller – 3 or 4 wheels? Do you need a jogging stroller? Does it have to be a travel system, where the car seat attaches right into the stroller? We have no idea – this is a personal decision you need to make after thinking about post-baby birth lifestyle. Strollers are widely available just about anywhere. Here are some starting points for ya on Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, Kohls, and Buy Buy Baby. BRITAX B-Lively Travel System

If we had to recommend a stroller, it would be the highly rated, yet economically priced, BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat. This is a travel system, so the car seat can be removed from the stroller and clicked back into place anytime.

Remember, you’re a new parent (maybe all over again), so don’t get super excited about having to purchase the most expensive and luxurious stroller for your newborn. Babies outgrow things very quickly. If you can afford to splurge, go ahead. If not, don’t be shy to accept or pay for a used stroller. Just give it a good clean if you decided to do so.

If you want to learn more about stroller features, read 8 features to look for in a stroller posted on Today’s Parent. If you need help figuring out which stroller to choose, you can learn more by reading “How to Choose a Stroller” posted on Babylist.

2. The car seat – Some hospitals will actually inspect your car seat before releasing you. They want to make sure new mom and dad are well equipped and knowledgeable on basic laws of car seats, how to strap babies, and your comfort level. Be sure to shop for a car seat before the big day, and know how it functions. We linked the BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat above and will recommend to use that car seat.

We recommend a car seat that will click into the stroller you have (if possible). If that doesn’t work and you need a separate car seat, take a look at the selection found on Amazon. Choose something that’s safe, within your budget, comfortable, and don’t forget to read the reviews!

3. The crib – No, you can’t cuddle with baby all night! I know, so sad because babies love to cuddle and their new baby scent is so irresistible to some. Too bad, it’s extremely dangerous to sleep with your newborn! Sorry, hate to be a Debbie Downer.

Now, which, or what type of, crib do you choose? Here’s a roundup of places that you can easily find a baby crib at: Amazon, Wayfair, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart. 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet

We recommend the 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet. Which, kind of obvious from the title, is a crib, bedside sleeper, and playpen all in 1. Bedside sleepers are great. You can slide the baby over in the middle of the night during feedings when you’re exhausted. Trust us, you’ll appreciate every little caloric energy your body can save when those middle of the night feedings are calling (or better yet, screaming for you).

4. The diapers – So many brands to choose from. Not going to bore you with the details because diapers are boring and they all claim to do the same thing; keep baby pee and baby poo inside the diaper to ensure leakage and accidents are prevented. Where do you find the best diapers? Everywhere. The most important thing is you learn which ones are suitable for your newborn. Let’s get started with the list of where to buy and which ones we recommend.

Target (FYI – Target brand diapers are known to be good. Try them out!)
Target Cloth, Reusable Diapers
Honest Company (These are “premium” priced)

We’re looking for the best deals and we know you are, too. That’s why our vote for best diapers goes to Target. They’re sturdy, comfortable, get the job done, and fairly priced. Try to catch up Walmart.

5. The baby wipes – Ya now…you can actually make your own wipes at home. We’ll make a blog post on this eventually. This is another product that’s widely available everywhere. They likely have them at your local grocery store. Walmart, Amazon, Target, CVS, Kmart, Walgreens, Costco, and of course eBay, all carry baby wipes.

We’ll let you make the executive decision on this one. Just be sure to monitor your baby once you start using wipes. Sometimes, allergic reactions can occur. In fact, might be best to consult with the pediatrician and maybe even find some samples before buying?

6. The pacifier – You’ll likely get one at the hospital and can always ask for one, too.

🎓 Pro Tip: ask for as many baby and new mom essential items as you can (pacifier, diapers, wipes, pads, towels, blankets, formula, etc.). Hospitals are more than happy to share goodies, and also agree, life should start getting a little easier for the newborn, mom, and dad.

If you’re up for another read, check out The Best Pacifiers of 2020 to help you make your decision on choosing a pacifier that’s best for your newborn. This article breaks down pacifiers by safety, size, construction, material, price, and more. Who knew pacifiers were loaded with so much technology, eh?

Here are some pacifiers you can find on Amazon and Target. We recommend the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, as this is the pacifier brand distributed in hospitals nationwide, and used by doctors & nurses to soothe newborns.

7. The bottles – Whether the baby is drinking formula or mommy’s milk, bottles are essential. Before you start swiping that credit card, check with your insurance company. A lot of health insurance plans provide free bottles and breast pumps that are actually covered by your health insurance. A quick 5 minute conversation with your health insurance company to confirm can save you some bucks.

🎓 Pro Tip: some health insurance companies also provide free breast pumps – don’t be shy to ask!

When it comes to baby bottles, Hollie Schultz, mother of three and founder of, says “You won’t know which your child will like until he tries it”. Pediatricians and experts agree, purchase a bottle that minimizes air bubbles, like drop-in inserts, vents, or angled tops as you may have to buy these later anyway if your newborn turns out to be gassy. So, what the heck do ya do? We recommend purchasing a few different types of bottles and testing them out once your new bundle of joy arrives. To help you get started with picking a few baby bottles, head over to Amazon, Target,, and eBay to get some ideas.

8. The pillows – To some, this might be one of the most critical purchases for a baby. Hear us out. The pillow you purchase may actually help to shape your baby’s head (google “flat head syndrome”). With that being said, we recommend you find something that contours the shape of a newborn’s head, is soft to the touch, and provides sufficient neck support. Amazon’s best sellers in baby pillows should help you easily choose a pillow that fits your baby’s needs. Bed Bath & Beyond carries a large selection as well. Of course you can find some at Target and Walmart, too.

We also recommend purchasing at least 2 pillows. You may end up washing the pillow more often than you think, so having another one handy is convenient.

9. The swaddles – Babies love swaddles. They also love the feeling of being hugged and caressed by their loved ones. Keeping your baby warm and snug in a swaddle will help the baby sleep longer, and prevent sudden movements that might cause your little one to jolt out of their baby dreams and into reality. Moms everywhere agree: find a swaddle with a zipper or velcro strap. They make it easy to swaddle your baby quickly. Happiest Baby Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle

You can easily find velcro strapped and zipper swaddles on Amazon. Buy Buy Baby and Target also have a wide selection of baby swaddles to choose from. Warning – you may end up spending countless hours staring at cute babies smiling in swaddles.

10. The blankets – Okay, first things first, please do not cover the newborn in a million blankets. We see this way too often. In fact, one of the reasons your baby is fussy could be because they’re too hot. Follow the guidance from your pediatrician, but use logic and common sense here; babies are not born freezing. Another thing to note, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping soft objects and loose bedding out of the sleeping area for at least the first 12 months. This includes baby blankets in the crib.

Now, if you’re looking for something to wrap baby in while holding him/her, or something to cover the baby up with while on the go, we can certainly help you there. Side note: you can always sew a blanket if you have the time.

Blankets, as you may know, come in all shapes and sizes. Buy a few of them, there are bound to be accidents and you’ll likely be washing blankets often. Our recommendation for baby blanket: Newborn Infant Nursery Swaddle Blanket. Just look at how comfortable this baby looks in the softest, most plushest baby blanket! These are also a great gift idea for anyone you know who’s expecting. Newborn Infant Nursery Swaddle Blanket

More baby blankets:

The Children’s Place
Buy Buy Baby

Huge disclaimer – DISCUSS EVERYTHING WITH YOUR PEDIATRICIAN. You never know, the pediatrician could offer greater advice catered to your child’s needs, recommend a more sophisticated product, and even offer advice and guidance to help you make your decisions. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to be informed. Please seek the advice of experts and follow all safety precautions.

With newborns, the list never ends to be honest. A new mom (and dad) can prepare all they want. For the next year or so, the newborn still runs the show and dictates what he/she needs. Learn to quickly adapt to changes and be flexible. Throughout this time, you may have to modify a product that was already purchased (ex: maybe you need to try a different brand of baby wipes because maybe the one you’re using is causing an allergic reaction?). Whatever the need, be sure to discuss it with your baby’s pediatrician and gain advice from the experts. Take it one day at a time, and remember, this is supposed to be a joyous time in your’s and baby’s life. Enjoy these precious moments before the newborn phase is gone. Good luck and enjoy! You’re going to do great.

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