10 Essential Items for Every Successful Teacher

You sharpened all of the pencils. The morning work is ready to go because you were first in line at the copy machine this morning. You’re on your second cup of coffee of the day. You are now responding to a parent’s email about his son’s DRA score. And then you look up to a sweet fresh face saying, “Hello, Ms. Johnson!”. The first wave on students begin to enter the classroom. The school day has begun!

The life of a teacher is so special. The average teacher makes more decisions on a daily basis than a doctor. Some decisions are easier than others. DealMe.club is here to help you take the second-guessing out of some of your daily decisions. Here we have a list of 10 essential items for every successful teacher. They are great deals, and you’ll be happy to always have them on hand in your classroom.

1. Disinfectant Wipes

Life post coronavirus has sparked a wave of stronger hygienic practices. There are a lot of you in that classroom. Keep it clean with the help of wipes.

2. Post-it Notes

sticky notes

You’ll be writing notes to other staff members, to parents, and students. You’ll also be using them to create charts, and to serve as reminders for yourself. Get used to post-it notes, they’re a life saver when you ask yourself “What was I supposed to do now?”.

3. Stapler and Remover

A simple tool to help you create beautiful bulletin boards outside of your classroom.

4. WD-40

This always helps to eliminate the pesky squeaks in a classroom! Eliminating distractions will assist you in efficiently teaching your students, who will also have less distractions and be able to learn more easily.

5. Books

You need an endless supply because your students will have different interests and different reading levels.


Head over to your library and borrow some. In fact, do yourself a favor and get a few dozen. Try to get variations of books depending the reading level of your students. Make it interesting. Pop-ups books, color books, dictionaries, relevant topics in today’s world, subjects on dinosaurs, sticker books, the options are endless. Don’t worry, Amazon is loaded with books if your library doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

6. Ziplock Bags

You can never have enough tools for organizing. Zip-lock bags help seal this deal.

7. Whiteboard Markers

They are on every classroom teacher’s wish list! In fact, we recommend purchasing them as gifts for colleagues.

8. Coffee β˜•

Happiness in a cup. Literally.

Stay alert. As a teacher, you tackle new and crazy challenges on a daily basis. You get in early in the morning, make yourself look presentable, represent yourself in a positive and professional manner to your students and colleagues, and spend all day with a classroom of students who’s questions never seem to end. Whether it’s coffee or tea, stay alert and be on your toes. Remember, you’re influencing the behavior of your students; you’re their role model!

9. Dry Erase Pockets

Help keep the earth a little greener by sticking your paper copies inside these pockets. This way, you can reuse your paper. As an added bonus, your students will be extremely engaged when they get to write with markers!

dry erase pockets

10. Timer ⏲️

You’re on a time crunch and so are the students. A timer will help regulate the pace of various activities throughout the day. Added bonus, some of the students that may have a learning disability will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness of helping them to track time.

There you have it! The 10 essential items for every successful teacher.

A note from DealMe.club: Thank YOU to all the teachers out there. We don’t tell you this enough, but you’re doing a great job.

Did we miss something? Please comment below and let us know what matters to you as a teacher the most! Also, please don’t forget to share these teacher essentials with your friends and family!

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